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Welcome to the resources for transgendered Christians!

This website is just what it says it is. It's a resource for transgendered Christians. Looking at the web, there are lots of resources for gay Christians but it seems like the words transgendered and Christian are almost mutually exclusive. But they're not. We believe that God loves us as we are, and that it's up to God to change someone if that is His will. Some of us here are transgendered Christians. Others of us are allies. But we all believe that God loves us and that we love God. We hope that the resources are useful, and we pray that the letters are useful. If you'd like to post a letter yourself, please contact us at and we'll get you access for posting. Bear in mind that this is a Christian oriented site, and make you submissions accordingly. :-) We look forward to hearing from you!

New resources

Find out what the Bible really says about Homosexuality, not just what some would have us believe.

Casa de Cristo presents: Eunique Perspectives of Hope, a 9 lecture, 4 DVD video series by Rev. Samuel Kader, looking at every Bible scripture related to homosexuality, revealing the promises and hope God has given to all his children.

Location1029 E. Truney Ave.
CostFree, lecture and DVD
EmailPastor Adero
Phone(602) 265-2831

Lesbian or gay parent?

ASU's Joshua Kellison is running a survey on homosexual parents. You (transgendered parents) can be included as long as you're married to someone of the same gender you identify as. Read more

New letters

tg kids Check this out. Excellent article.

"The Tongue"

I remember back about 15 years ago when I made a big blunder.  In fact it sticks out as one of the master dumb things I've done in my life.